Think Down To Earth, Wear Down To Earth

Think Down To Earth, Wear Down To Earth

Anoushka Focuses on Sustainability

Products that allow people to make a positive impact on the planet in their own unique way, says founder Anousshka Sadarangani in an exclusive interview with BizNewsConnect Editor B N KUMAR

BizNewsConnect: What inspired you to start this brand and when was it launched?
Anousshka Sadarangani: Anoushka the brand was founded by me in 2021 and made available to the general public in 2022. It is a lifestyle brand built on the foundation of being conscious, towards the ecology and the consumer. The brand brings together an array of products that are perennial and inspired by natural designs and materials. I am an advocate of sustainable living and had a goal of creating a company that would serve as an inspiration for all sustainability enthusiasts. by creating a brand that emphasizes on using sustainable material at affordable prices.

BNC: What is the concept behind it?
Anousshka: Our brand is all about sustainability. We offer products that allow people to make a positive impact on the planet in their own unique way.

We aim at keeping the quality and the longevity of the product as our prime focus, and create pieces of unique design that inspired everyone to lead a more sustainable life.
BNC: What exactly are you doing – kindly explain the process from sourcing fabrics to finished garments.
Anousshka: We work with GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard certified vendors to source all our raw materials. Once we have them at our headquarters, we ensure rigorous quality testing before moving forward with the final production.
BNC: Do you outsource your own factory?
Anousshka: Yes, we do!
BNC: How do the products impact the environment – I mean the positive contribution?
Anousshka: Our products are made from biodegradable materials, recycled fabrics, and reclaimed wood. They are designed to be Earth-friendly, reducing their environmental footprint.
BNC: Are the products available only online?
Anousshka; Our products are available both online and in select online and offline multi-designer stores. We also participate in pop-ups and exhibitions, offering customers the opportunity to touch and feel our products.
BNC: How has the response been so far from India and abroad?
Anousshka: The response has been fantastic both in India and abroad. While we do feel there is still a need for more awareness in India, it remains our major market.

BNC: Do you plan to go for any franchisee model?
Anousshka: Not at the moment. We're focused on building our brand and expanding our reach through our current channels.
BNC: What about funding so far... any fundraise plans?
Anousshka: We have been self-funded until now, relying on personal funding to support our growth. As for fundraise plans, we don't have any immediate plans but are open to exploring opportunities in the future.
BNC: What are your future plans? Any export plans?
Anousshka: We have recently started shipping our products outside of India. Additionally, we are looking to cater to bulk orders for homeware products like candles, which can be used for wedding gifting and stocked in stores abroad. Exciting times ahead!

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