Campaign starring kids focuses on environmental issues

Rhymes with a twist on degradation of the Nature in realtor Hiranandani’s sustainability lifestyle drive

MUMBAI, Nov 24 (The CONNECT) - Realty major House of Hiranandani has launched the #RhymeForEarth campaign to raise awareness about serious environmental challenges and to propagate the need for a sustainable lifestyle.

The campaign has been unveiled by presenting a 10 feet installation made with plastic waste at the Hiranandani Estate in Thane during the Cyclothon event held by the developer.

According to United Nations research, up to 13 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans each year, and the waste will outnumber marine life in the oceans by 2050. According to a Lancet study, poor air quality kills over a million people in India each year.

The campaign is based on popular rhymes but with a twist. Each rhyme is a hard-hitting narration by kids highlighting environmental issues rewriting popular rhymes creates recall and who better than kids to establish the serious message about their future and the world that they would be living in. The campaign has been shot at real locations such as a garbage dumping ground, a beach with trash all around, and a busy, heavily-trafficked street with vehicle noise, which are relatable situations and environments today.

Prashin Jhobalia, Vice President, Marketing Strategy, House of Hiranandani, "Sustainability has been at the core of the brand, and the focus has always been by creating a balance in nature with multiple green initiatives. Every year we try to strengthen our efforts towards our biggest belief: A Better Planet.  ‘Rhyme for Earth’ is a unique concept through which we intend to attract everyone’s attention to degradation caused to the environment. Along with creating awareness, we also intend to bring about a transformational change in our everyday lives that can positively impact our surroundings and, thus, create a better world for our future generations. We believe the campaign thought is simply outstanding and has immense potential for each one of us to think and bring a change for a better tomorrow.”

Chetan Asher, CEO and Co-Founder - Tonic Worldwide said, “There's no doubt that rhymes are one of the simplest ways to boost memory and recall. And we just did that with Rhyme for Earth. In a sea of communication about sustainability, the challenge is to inspire action. Using rhymes with a twist the communication is intended to engage across age groups.”

The creative campaign conceptualized, created and executed by Tonic Worldwide, has already achieved over 4.6mn  views on social media platforms. The trigger used for the emotional connect is something that would make the people introspect about the future of the planet.

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