Plantable Baggage Tags @Mumbai Airport On E-Day

Happy E-Day....Lets plant sustainabiity

Plantable Baggage Tags @Mumbai Airport On E-Day

Environment Day With Sustainability Agenda

CSMIA built a capacity of 26 Lakh Liters of rainwater tanks and 229 rainwater harvesting pits ensuiring water efficiency

MUMBAI, June 6 (The CONNECT) - To resonate with the theme “Only One Earth”, CSMIA undertook a series of activities at the airport engaging with travelers on 4th & 5th June 2022, by distributing plantable baggage tags along with other plantable stationary sets. The plantable tags are uniquely made using upcycled cotton scrap, and the string is made using jute. Besides, the colours used are also aqueous so that they do not harm the seeds, the soil and water, and if all of the seeds are planted and taken care of, every packet can sprout into 720 to 1200 vegetable plants.

This unique initiative by the airport was undertaken in addition to the installation of standees with QR codes leading to an environmental awareness quiz and the airport’s achievement on sustainable practices. CSMIA also conducted spot quizzes at the airport, installed selfie points/botanical garden corners at different location of the airport to keep the passengers involved. A Toolbox talk was also held on this year’s theme, with the campaign slogan “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”.

A selfie point at CSMIA

The Aviation industry is a significant contributor to carbon and GHG emissions in the environment, and being a part of this industry, CSMIA, has always focused on carbon neutrality, energy saving, emission reduction, and climate action, since inception. The airport has integrated emission-related concerns within its operational agenda as well. These include airport carbon management system, airport carbon neutrality, sustainability reporting, renewable energy installations, wastewater recycling, effective waste management system, organic waste treatment, amongst others. CSMIA keeps a close check on noise management, air quality monitoring, waste management and climate change, which helps minimize the aviation industry’s impact on the environment.

CSMIA has a capacity of 26 Lakh Liters of rainwater tanks and 229 rainwater harvesting pits across the terminals for recharge of ground water table to ensure water efficiency. Onsite solar energy generation of 53,10,141 kWh, replacement of existing lighting fixtures by LED fixtures for all external lights resulting in a reduction in load contributed to reduced energy consumption at the airport and replacement of belt driven centrifugal fans with EC fans in Air Handling Units (AHUs) which improve the overall energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, amongst others.

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