Govt Firm On 100 Tonne Coal Gasification

Govt Firm On 100 Tonne Coal Gasification

Cleaner Option Compared To Burning Of Coal

Coal gasification is future, says Coal Ministry official

NEW DELHI, May 27 (The CONNECT) – The government has prepared a National Mission document to achieve 100 MT Coal Gasification by 2030.

Stating this, VK Tiwari, Additional Secretary - Ministry of Coal, pointed out: “Coal gasification is future. It is considered as cleaner option compared to burning of coal. Gasification facilitates utilization of the chemical properties of coal”.

He was speaking at the National Mineral Congress organised by the Ministry of Coal in Bhubaneswar today with the support of Power, Steel Ministry and Mines Ministries.

Tiwari said that technological advancements are offering greater coal recovery, flexibility in mining operations, increased productivity, greater safety and lowering cost. “Companies need to adopt new technologies and build digital infrastructure to support the current and future requirements. There is a need to ensure optimal use of technology in the sector,” the additional secretary said.

Talking about challenges in aluminum sector, Tiwari said that India is blessed with huge bauxite resources about 3,896 million tonnes to meet its future need however he added that India’s reserve constitute only 17 percent of its resources, which is about 656 million tonnes. “There is a need to convert those resources into proven reserve to boost bauxite production. We also need to come up with plans to use scrap to make quality products,” he said.

The additional secretary talked about the roadmap for coal to hydrogen and said that India’s hydrogen demand is likely to increase to 11.7 million tonnes by 2030 from 6.7 million tonnes per year as of now. “Refineries and fertilizer plants are the largest consumers of hydrogen now, which is being produced from natural gas. It can be produced through coal in the processes during coal gasification,” he added.

“We have started commercialization of the sector, which is showing results. Double approval has been removed; process of mine allocation made online and gasification has been incentivized. We are taking steps to support the sector from all around,” he said.

The National Mineral Congress being organized by Indian National Committee of World Mining Congress saw participation of industry experts from 20 prominent companies. Discussion was held on challenges in aluminum and steel sector, coal gasification and road map for carbon to hydrogen.

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