SuperBot to handle a million admission calls daily

Sarvagya Mishra - admissions game changer

SuperBot to handle a million admission calls daily

AI driven admission helpline for India & abroad

SuperBot has launched an AI-driven Admission Helpline for educational institutes and student queries

NEW DELHI, Mar 4 (The CONNECT) - With the admission season set to kick off in India and abroad soon, SuperBot has launched an AI-driven Admission Helpline to help educational institutes provide round-the-clock support for student queries. Powered by SuperBot’s AI-driven, NLP-powered platform, the solution is designed to handle over one million calls per day and provide language support for over 9 vernaculars including Hindi, English, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, and Gujarati.

The newly launched helpline allows educational institutes to scale up their operations while eliminating query drop-off due to bandwidth issues associated with manual processes. This scaling-up comes without needing to make additional infrastructure/operational expenditure, such as setting up and maintaining call centers or expanding sales departments. Moreover, SuperBot’s AI-based agents come pre-trained on over 1,000 intents, thus eliminating the need to commit to time-intensive, process-intensive training while enabling concurrent call handling for unique queries.

While enabling more personalized and scalable query resolution through cutting-edge tech, SuperBot’s Admission Helpline also allows for human-to-human interactions, if need be, allowing callers to request real-time call transfer to human agents.

Sarvagya Mishra, Co-founder & Director of SuperBot (PinnacleWorks) said, “While educational institutes receive queries throughout the year, the admission season sees an exponential increase in query volumes. To deal with this, educational institutes set up dedicated admission cells and call centers for support with counselling, prospect validation, document processing, and marketing. However, given the sheer volume of interested students and complex operations, managing the scale of incoming calls and keeping track of queries and leads can become challenging.”

“This is where SuperBot’s AI-based Admission Helpline steps in as a game changer. It not only enables institutes to handle over a million calls per day, but it also frees bandwidth by streamlining and automating the repetitive, time-intensive operations so that human agents can focus on areas where their expertise and interventions are needed the most. Educational institutes that deploy our Admission Helpline also benefit from insightful, data-backed, and precision-oriented analytics that enhances process efficiency and improve outcomes,” he added.

SuperBot offers a dedicated suite of services to educational organizations via its rule-based NLU-powered engine. Some of its use-cases include real-time lead verification, inbound counselling, drip marketing, event reminders, and analytics.

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