Robotics-AI Competition Is Actual Hit

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Robotics-AI Competition Is Actual Hit

20 schools, 500 students join

Robotix specializes in creating STEM learning programmes, courses, and kits for children to learn STEM and 21st century learning skills.

COIMBATORE, Dec 10 (The CONNECT) - On a mission to inspire the next generation, Robotix Learning Solutions has organised a Robotics -AI competition at BVM Global School here on December 5 and 6 in which more than 20 schools and nearly 500 students participated.

The students from various Schools across Coimbatore were offered free training in robotics, which was followed by a series of competitions under different categories.

The competition took place in five different categories.

Little Innovators (a DIY contest for KG):

First, second, and third prizes were won by Odd Buds, Little Ville, and Jack and Jill schools, respectively.

STEM Gurus (a coding activity with bee bots for classes 1–3)

The first three positions were secured by Adhyayana International Public School, Bodhimaram Playschool, and Pristine Public School.

Tinker Ninjas (a STEM maker kit for grades 4 and 5)

Pristine Public School was awarded the first and second prizes, while Adhyayana International Public School stood third.

Tech Tycoons (a play with Phiros for grades 6 and 7)

The Indian Public School got the first prize, while VCV Sishu Vidyodhaya and Adhyayana International Public School obtained the second and third prizes, respectively.

Into the AI Verse contest (For classes 9 and 10)

The Indian Public School secured the first position, while the Air Force School got the second prize.

Mr. Ramana Prasad, the chairman of Robotix, mentioned that such contests and events help children develop various skills like creativity, problem-solving, curiosity, and collaboration.

Robotix has been regularly conducting events and Inter-School Competitions in association with various Schools in pan India. Not only this, but Robotix has a global presence and actively participates in various International Events too. Through various courses and competitions on STEM, AI, robotics, and coding, Robotix provides training to Students for developing the necessary 21st century tech and life skills.

Some unique offerings of Robotix include STEM products such as the STEM Maker Kit, the CSTEM Math Kit, and My CSTEM Book; and robotics products such as Robobricks and Phiro. These products were used in some of the competitions as well. The events, such as the one conducted at BVM Global School, Coimbatore by Robotix, train the young minds to become the next-generation of innovators, creators, and problem solvers. Robotix plans to conduct more events and competitions of similar nature in Schools across different states in India in the coming months.

Robotix is on a mission to inspire the next generation, who are the innovators and creators of tomorrow. Robotix specializes in creating STEM learning programs, courses, and kits for children to learn STEM and 21st century learning skills.

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