Edtech brand Elite launches reward points-based e-learning

A first in this space, targets to check dropout rate

With high dropout ratio plaguing the online learning among corporates, the rewards based eLearning is a huge win for companies who have been investing in paid courses with no employee support, Elite says.

MUMBAI, Jan 27 (The CONNECT) - Skill management edTech start-up, Elite announced the launch of ‘Elite Points’ - India’s first Rewards based eLearning, where learners can accrue points towards every minute they spend on learning on the platform. Members can choose their rewards in the form of gift cards from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, MakeMyTrip or even top up Paytym accounts. The points can also be redeemed to pay for paid courses from any provider – Udemy, Coursera, EdX, MIT and others on the Elite platform. Members can earn points by reading an article, watching a video, or even hearing a podcast.

Elite is an AI-powered skill management solution (patent pending solution) that curates and personalizes daily learning: not just courses, but the latest podcasts from influencers, videos from technology veterans and blogs from thought leaders. The Cloud based SAAS service, offers more than 356,000+ courses, 2.3m+ videos, 1,50,000+ podcasts, and 75,000+ webinars, Elite is home to one of the largest collections of curated content.

With poor completion rates and high dropout ratio, plaguing the online learning among Corporates, the Rewards based eLearning is a huge win for companies who have been investing in paid courses with no employee support.

Bhanu Prasad, COO, EdSanta Education, said, “While reward points are not new in the shopping, banking and credit card environments, it’s the first time it’s being applied to learning. We’ve already seen a positive response from our membership. We believe this will increase engagement and take learning to a new level”.

Elite works on the new age concept that, professionals learn best when knowledge is served in bite sizes, as per user convenience.  In last three Months, the brand has already partnered with over 200 enterprises, to offer next gen learning solutions.

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