CuriousJr Community for Tech Enthu K12 Students

Making learning an enjoyable experience!

CuriousJr Community for Tech Enthu K12 Students

A Tech Group Will Also Be Established In Each School

CuriousJr, the mobile-based coding platform for K12 students, will launch the “CuriousJr community”

NEW DELHI, Feb 27 (The CONNECT) - CuriousJr the mobile-based coding platform for K12 students, will launch the “CuriousJr community” with the motive of enabling students to learn from each other’s creations as well as get inspired by each other's creativity.

The aim of the community is to provide students with both localised and global sources of inspiration, enabling them to explore topics that interest them and collaborate with their peers, the platform said.

To make this accessible for all students, regardless of whether they are paying or not, different features will be available. A tech group will also be established in each school so that aspiring tech leaders can start their journey. This initiative is set to launch in March at certain schools before broadening its reach across other institutions in subsequent months.

Mridul Ranjan Sahu, co-founder, CuriousJr said, the platform strives to ensure that students have an enjoyable experience while engaging in learning activities on mobile devices.

CuriousJr club will bring together all the Tech enthusiasts at the school level and give them a start to excel in the subject. Its aim is to bring family CTOs and have their creations inspire all the students.

Also, the most important aspect of the CuriousJr ecosystem is to learn something new every day and get motivated to do more, Sahu added.

Recently CuriousJr organised an all India Coding Championship among the students between grades of 6th to 12th. Around 25,000 students took part in the competition. A 14th years old boy from Kerala won the competition and was awarded a hamper worth INR 10 lakhs.

CuriousJr started with the idea of enabling students without laptops to learn to code on their mobiles since 88% of K12 students in India do not have access to laptops. The team is envisioning and innovating coding on small displays in order to enable students to study and code on mobile devices. The COVID lockdown raised awareness about coding, and the government made coding a mandatory subject in the school curriculum. Still, the majority of users and schools do not have access to laptops or desktop computers, creating a problem to solve for code learning on mobile devices, which can provide access to people all over the country.

CuriousJr introduced code learning and practice modules along the way but understood it was critical to observe the impact of learning. The CuriousJr App Store was created so that children could publish and share their work with their friends and family.

Later, a competition platform was developed so that students could compete with their fellow coders to see where they were in the ecosystem.

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