Be Fit To Be Hit – Rohit Khandelwal

Jo Mujhe Deewana Kar De- Rohit dancing with Woxsen Students

Be Fit To Be Hit – Rohit Khandelwal

‘Amitabh Bachchan is my role model’

Rohit Khandelwal speaks to and dances with students at Woxsen University

HYDERABAD, Apr 13 (The CONNECT) –Fitness is very important. Make fitness your routine. It is good for longevity. You are happy when you are fit.

With these words, celebrity speaker, actor and model Rohit Khandelwal told students at Woxsen University at Kamkol near here that they should ask for help without any hesitation when they feel mentally unsound. “Sound in the Mind is sound in the body,” he said.

Addressing the Global Impact Summit 2022, Rohit said failure is a process to success. “When you make an unsuccessful attempt, don’t take it to heart. You should keep trying,” he said and narrated his own experience.

Coming from a Marwadi family it was not all that easy to get into the entertainment industry.

“With a lot of fire in my belly, I reached Mumbai to become a model. Then Mr India was followed by Mr World. I went to Mumbai, a Mecca of opportunities without many expectations. I didn’t even have the suggestible height to participate in the Mr India contest. The only motivating factor to participate in the contest was when there was nothing to lose, then why should I not try? And that made me what and where I am today,” Rohit explained.

“Soon I realised that you can’t make a mansion out of modelling. It is only a part-time job. Then I shifted my focus on my acting career,” he said stressing on the importance of keep trying.

“Today I have Mr World 2016 title, a movie about to be released. A musical album is just out and a web series is on the anvil,” he said.

Shahrukh Khan is his inspiration. But, “Amitabh Bachchan is my role model,” Rohit said.

Rohit danced with the students to the tune of his newly released song Jo Mujhe Deewana Kar De, keeping the audience spell-bound.

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