Lexicon gains 'strength' with Multifit Gym

Lexicon gains 'strength' with Multifit Gym

Acquires functional fitness brand

The Lexicon Group acquired MultiFit Gym India's largest functional fitness and strength training brand.

NEW DELHI, Mar 2 (The CONNECT) – The Lexicon Group, one of India’s leading education institutions, acquired MultiFit Gym, India's largest functional fitness and strength training brand.

As a part of the expansion strategy, The Lexicon Group endeavours to provide holistic wellness and fitness services which will supplement the gym and fitness services. Currently, MultiFit is present in India, UK, and UAE with 23 fitness destinations spread across 9 cities.

The Lexicon Group of Institutes, founded in 2006, is an education hub in the city of Pune, India. Established by the veteran academic visionary, Shri S. D. Sharma, The Lexicon Group is a premier group of institutes redefining education in the sectors of pre-schools, high schools, schools for special students and post-graduate management studies.

The educational institutes led by The Lexicon Group have not only been recognized as the frontiers of top schools in Pune and excellent education, but have also been identified as the leaders of developing innovative curriculum in India. Today, Lexicon has become synonymous with excellence, intelligence, hard work, value education, and high-quality education services.

Thrilled about venturing into the health and fitness industry, Pankaj Sharma, President, The Lexicon Group said, ‘MultiFit has been a favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts. They have created a revolution of bringing exercise at the forefront to maintain health and fitness. We are extremely happy to acquire such a prestigious brand and with our expertise and robust expansion strategy, we are confident to make MultiFit - the most prominent health and fitness brand in India’

Since its launch, MultiFit has redefined Functional Training for all age groups and has been at the forefront of innovation and transformation fitness. This UK- based Gym has been a pioneer in introducing the concept of Functional Fitness in India. MultiFit gyms across the country have state of the art equipment and certified trainers who focus on integrating science and fitness training

‘At Lexicon, we are always looking out for opportunities and partners to strengthen our portfolio to offer best in class services to the people of our country. Be it Education, Health, Media or any other sector, we are determined to make a difference to the society and bring about a positive change.  We are extremely excited about the onward journey with MultiFit’, said, Neeraj Sharma, Vice Chairman, The Lexicon Group

As a group, Lexicon has diversified into various sectors but core thought whilst growing has always been on how one can contribute strongly to the society and country at large hence the core of the group revolves around Education, Technology, Health and Wellness.

Nasir Shaikh, CEO, The Lexicon Group of Institutes & MultiFit, said, ‘MultiFit is a pioneer in the health and fitness world. They have been the ‘first’ to introduce several techniques of training and have time and again reiterated the importance of exercise and fitness. Similarly, we at Lexicon have been game changers and been the vanguards of creating an education focus in our country. Through MultiFit we also want to be ambassadors for the ‘Fit India Movement’ – create awareness and drive adoption of a fitness mindset. We have outlined aggressive expansion plans for MultiFit and are looking forward to taking the brand to whole new level and establishing it as a the most sought-after wellness brand in India. 

The effort of MultiFit is also to create jobs through an ecosystem that is created by MultiFit Exercise and Science Academy which trains and certifies the youth and has them job ready to be absorbed into its own gyms and other gyms.

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