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Post COVID, New Test for HR Practitioners

Mandatory leave policy, Improved workplace environment, Fun days are among the HR initiatives that are being tried now to re-charge the employees

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. – Eleanor Roosevelt

The most crucial component of every corporation is its people. Hence, it is critical to equip them with the tools they need to succeed. Employers and employees will have their demands met simultaneously by a solution, which will align their objectives and produce much happier and productive workers. HR and senior management play an important role in embedding these practices in performance management by supporting the goal-setting process, decoupling the compensation and development discussion, investing in the manager's capability building, and embedding technology and analytics to simplify the performance-management process. Here are some of the HR best practices taken by organizations to ensure positive training and enjoyable work environments that help retain talent.

Here’s a snapshot of companies who are putting efforts to make the organizations a better place to work in.

SAVE Solutions Pvt. Ltd. : With 3,300+ employees spread across 13 states of India, SAVE group of companies operates through its holding company SAVE Solutions Pvt. Ltd. along with its 4 subsidiary companies in NBFC- MFI, NBFC-MSME, NBFC-HFC, and Asset side BC segment.  One of India's top Banking Correspondent networks, SAVE Solutions Pvt Ltd. is spread all over the country through its Customer Service Points’ network that has offered off-roll employment to over 24000+ people.  Managing such a large workforce, and implementing regulations demands a vital communication channel.

Ajeet Kumar Singh, MD, CEO, and Founder, SAVE Solutions Pvt. Ltd. says “The COVID-19 pandemic sped up changes to HR practices around the world, and our HR leaders very quickly and successfully adapted to these changes to improve the employee value proposition (EVP) and spur business success in our organization. We took quick actions to update our HR policies, as well as created committees and provided wellbeing initiatives along with counseling sessions. Our HR department shifted its focus from being the process and culture facilitator to aligning and enabling newer business strategies required in these trying times. Our next step will be to introduce the ‘Menstruation Leave Policy’, which we can proudly claim will be an industry-first initiative by our brand. We believe this initiative will create stronger employee relations and promote a better environment in the workplace. Additionally, we also plan to implement ‘Mandatory Leave Policy’ for our employees which will not only give employees the chance to recharge their mental and physical well-being, but will also help the organization in rationalizing the workload of the employee; at the same time will provide a chance to assess and mitigate any risk against over dependence on any single individual in the company.”

Synersoft Technologies  Private Limited : Synersoft is one of the very few Indian companies, with Indian products which are solely focused on Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) of India, which are the largest employment generators for the Indian economy and largest contributors to Indian GDP.

Vishal Prakash Shah, Co-founder & CEO, Synersoft Technologies Private Limited says “To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace, as the legendary leader Doug Conant said. During this post-covid hangover, organizations are on the path to normalcy. Everything is reset to square one, and it's time to start over and take off. I believe HR has a critical role in this endeavour against gravity. I believe in this HR mantra to maximize organizational

potential. I call it our QUEST initiatives. It stands for Mostly KRA and KPI are well quantified for sales teams. We believe in and strive to quantify them for every genre of work in the organization. The ultimate objective of being for all of us should not be the maximization of customer-employee satisfaction, profits, revenue, or cost minimization. The ultimate purpose should be to maximize shareholders' value by optimizing everything else. ESOPs, bring an ultimate sense of belonging to deserving employees and build an impactful organization. It serves many purposes: internal branding, transparency, a collaborative workplace, inclusivity, and employee engagement.

PM Relocations Pvt Ltd.: As per Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO & President, PM Relocations Pvt. Ltd. HR initiatives play an important role in the development of any organization and it's smooth running.  She adds, “Our organization has a policy of Learning & Development Initiatives that helps to shape and polish our workforce in a suit to the changing needs of the industry. We at PM Relocations provide warehouse training and port training to our employees from time to time for them to understand the process from the ground level”. While talking about the company’s CSR policies she said “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is vital for the survival of any company. We have a PMR foundation that is responsible for all CSR activities. PMR has a unique method of fostering the idea of the Five-Fold Initiative, thus providing an impact on society, and aiming towards proving more sustainable. Five-Fold Initiative includes key areas of focus that comprise child education & nurturing, food, nutrition, and livelihood initiatives, encouraging sports & Health within Communities / Children, In-House Sustainability & Environment Saving Actions, and Employee Nurturing & Development.  The organization is responsible for sponsoring our employees' children in their education, as a part of our Shiv Prem Scholarship initiative. PMR regularly enforces maximum Employee Engagement activities at the workplace. These include the celebration of every festivity and success with the team. Also, we hold Fun Day Celebration monthly and Family Day Celebration annually as part of our Work Culture to ensure happiness amongst our people. The organization holds regular meetings with our Suppliers and Vendors to ensure smooth functioning from all ends. Along with that, internal monthly reviews take place with all the departments to ensure that everything is functioning efficiently and to identify any new measures we can take to improve and grow as a company”.

Vuram: Suresh Kumar Chitralayam is the Director of People and Operations of Vuram says, “Addressing the rising stress levels during challenging times, Vuram has announced unlimited hospitalization leaves supporting our people. Beyond creating an impact, the initiative strengthened the trust-based ecosystem within the organization. Similarly, workations is an initiative allowing our people to work as a team from any holiday destination partially funded by the organization. A maximum of a week and a minimum of 3 days can be availed as workations, with Rs 10,000 per person covered by the organization. Workations strengthen the social fabric within the organization and emotional well-being to maintain employee motivation and team camaraderie. To date, over 400 employees have availed workations without compromising on the deliverables while enhancing the culture of trust and team building”.

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