World’s tallest Mask Maharaja in land of Nawabs

World’s tallest Mask Maharaja in land of Nawabs

Maqdoom Bros puts up giant mannequin to promote mask culture in Hyd

HYDERABAD, Dec 17 (BNC Network) - Hyderabad based 132-year-old ethnic wear outlet Maqdoom Bros that served the Nizams to current global leaders embarked on a novel initiative to encourage the use of face mask to beat the pandemic.

The socially important information, conveyed in an appealing way to encourage people to use a face mask to stay safe and healthy, has been attracting many visitors to the story. 

They have set up the world’s tallest 10-feet high mannequin dressed up in blazer and trouser, made with 250 medical masks, says Abid Mohiuddin, one of the three brothers – the fourth generation running the store.

What could be a better way to make our visitors, customers and hundreds and thousands of the local people realize the importance of a mask, says another brother Faiz Mohiuddin

Every mannequin in the store is also masked.

“Post COVID, the city’s shops were closed till the end of June. But we did not see any customers venturing out till September. But, that was the time people also started talking about the second wave. That is when we as responsible citizens came up with this unique idea,” said Faiz.”Now that experts suggest continuation of masks even after vaccination, we have got the mannequin made especially for the purpose,” he says. Maqdoom Bros spent rupees three lakhs in getting the Mask Maharaja done.image.png

Apart from offering discounts at random to customers who wear masks, the shop distributes masks to people without the protection, passing through the area.

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