WHO says COVID-19 is worse than a terrorist attack

WHO says COVID-19 is worse than a terrorist attack

GENEVA, April 28, 2020: COVID-19 virus can wreak havoc, said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “It’s more than any terrorist attack. It can bring political, economic and social upheavals,” he said addressing media as the world completes three months of declaration of public health emergency in the wake of the pandemic.

Dr Tedros  saiud “But the choice is ours, and the choice should be unity at the national level. The choice should be global solidarity, standing in unity.”

Reiterating that WHO is committed to transparency and accountability, he said he is convening an emergency committee tomorrow to evaluate the evolution of the pandemic, and to advise on updated recommendations.

“In the three months since the Committee last met, WHO has worked day in, day out to sound the alarm, support countries and save lives. We’ve worked with countries to help them prepare and respond,” he said.

WHO has brought countries and thousands of experts together to share experiences and lessons learned. The organisation convened researchers to identify priorities, from all over the world and launched a large international trial to find answers fast about which drugs are the most effective.

“We said repeatedly that the world had a window of opportunity to prepare and to prevent widespread community transmission,” he said.

“We started our early press conference. People were saying the world will be tired of you if you’re making a press conference every day, but we didn’t mind. We wanted to make sure the world understands what WHO is saying,” he said.

WHO shipped millions of test kits and tons of protective gear all around the world, focusing on those countries who need our support most apart from training more than two million health workers around the world. The organisation will train more, he said and explained that WHO is now working to provide the critical strategies, solutions and supplies that countries will need in the coming weeks and months.

“One thing that we would ask is unity at the national level, and solidarity at the global level. More than ever, the human race should stand together to defeat this virus, the DG added.


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