T-State too can give free shots

Usharani Manne, Chairperson, FLO Hyderabad Chapter presenting Momento to Health Minister Eetala Raje

T-State too can give free shots

To the rich as well, if they want, says Health Min Etala

HYDERABAD, Jan 29 (The CONNECT) -Telangana government is ready to give free COVID vaccination to the low-income groups, and to the rich as well of they want!

Stating this Telangana Health Minister Etala Rajender said the state has taken eight lakh doses. 1.09,000 government healthcare workers and over 40,000 private sector workers have been vaccinated so far.

“We are ready to vaccinate people above 50 years and people with co-morbidities as per the guidelines by the Central government,” said speaking on ‘The Next Normal: Navigating Unchartered Waters’ at ab event by FICCI Ladies Organisation.

He said that the state spends Rs.35000 crore per annum for welfare.

Mahima Datla, MD & CEO, Biological E. Ltd. “we don’t have a source of credible scientific information. She lamented that the do’s and don’ts list and FAQs for who can take vaccination came much late.”

On the learnings from the COVID situation, Mahima said that “we must collaborate with a global network to know about the emergence of viruses in time.” Apart from the WHO, there must be a global surveillance of viruses.

There are about 25-30 viruses only that have pandemic potential. We are exposed to a lot of viruses and build immunity over time. But, when viruses jump from species to species our body doesn’t have time to overcome them, she explained.

Government should invest in research and new tools to minimize the time taken to produce the vaccine. The 30 viruses are not insurmountable. We need some infrastructure that is kept ready when we face challenges, she added.

Usharani Manne, Chairperson, FLO Hyderabad Chapter said that now that the vaccines are out, it was the correct time to organize the Face2Face to understand the logistics and efficacy of the vaccines that are coming out.

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