Sputnik Light jab takes off in India

Sputnik Light jab takes off in India

9th COVID vaccine available in the country

Sputnik Light has been registered in more than 30 countries with total population of over 2.5 billion people


MUMBAI, Feb 6 (The CONNECT) The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has granted emergency use permission to Single-dose Sputnik Light COVID-19 vaccine in India, Union health Minister Dr Mansukh Mandaviya has tweeted

This is the 9th #COVID19 vaccine in the country, the Minister said.

This will further strengthen the nation's collective fight against the pandemic, Dr Mandaviya said.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund) which finances the vaccine project also announced this separately.

Thus, Sputnik Light has been registered in more than 30 countries with total population of over 2.5 billion people. A number of countries, including Argentina, Bahrain, UAE, San Marino and Philippines, have already authorized Sputnik Light as a universal booster, RDIF said.

A preliminary study of the Gamaleya Center has found that Sputnik Light as a booster significantly increases virus-neutralizing activity against Omicron, which is comparable to titers observed after Sputnik V against wild-type virus, associated with high levels of protection.

Sputnik V is the world's first registered vaccine based on a well-studied human adenovirus vector platform. It has been approved for use in 71 countries with a total population of 4 billion people.
For the uninitiated, the vaccine is named after the first Soviet space satellite. The launch of Sputnik-1 in 1957 reinvigorated space research around the world, creating a so called “Sputnik moment” for the global community.
The vaccine’s efficacy is 97.6%, based on the analysis of data on the incidence of coronavirus among Russians vaccinated with both vaccine components between December 5, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

The Sputnik Light vaccine, like Sputnik V, is based on a proven well-studied human adenovirus vector platform; these vectors cause the common cold and have peacefully coexisted with humanity for millenia.

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