Salute! Ex-Bankers Felicitate Funeral Workers

A calendar to salute funeral workers

Salute! Ex-Bankers Felicitate Funeral Workers

Ill-Paid, Yet They Took Care Of The Dead

Funeral workers ensured dignity in death when the relatives abandoned Corona victims.

HYDERABAD, May 31 (The CONNECT) – They worked almost round the clock. They took care of the dead when the next of kin abandoned COVID victims. They are the funeral workers who toiled during the three spells of Corona virus though they are paid meagerly.

In a rare gesture, Indian Banks Retirees' Association—AP & Telangana felicitated funeral workers at its recently held 12th Bi-Annual Meeting at Baghlingam in the city.

The association felicitated Shanthi Kumar, In-charge of Bansilalpet Crematorium and three workers Kashi, Baba and Nagaraju.

Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, founder of Loksatta; S. M Deshpande, president of All India Bank Retirees' Federation; KS Sudhakara Rao, Field General Manager of Indian Bank, and D. Ramchandram of Solus Media felicitated the funeral workers and lauded their services rendered risking their lives. 

Shanti Kumar, In-charge of Bansilalpet Crematorium, termed felicitation as a rare gesture. 

It was they, who provided the last rites of the people even though their family members left them out of fear.

It was in January this year, JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad published a New Year Calendar, featuring Funeral workers among others.

“We only knew how we survived the pandemic with the increased workload, almost twenty hours of workload, and measly wages. We have seen the hell they shared. This is the first time we were ever cared for, invited, honoured and appreciated for our services,” Shanti Kumar explained.

JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad, a local unit of Junior Chamber International, is working out a plan to help funeral workers to lead a dignified family in the long run.

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