Hyderabad's RCC Lab to work with WHO to accelerate COVID Vaccine

BY B N Kumar

MUMBAI, July 13, 2020: Genome Valley, Hyderabad-based RCC Laboratories has been selected by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to potentially help with accelerating vaccine and therapeutic evaluation.

RCC is among 27 laboratories listed yesterday and 12 of them are US based.

WHO surveyed networks of laboratories to map out global animal laboratory capacity around the world to potentially help with accelerating vaccine and therapeutic evaluation. “We invite vaccine and therapeutic developers to contact WHO – – if you are interested in collaborating with an animal laboratory of interest,” WHO said.

Several COVID-19 animal models and who have expressed interests in collaborating with COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic developers to accelerate candidate product evaluation using the animal models they developed.


RCC Laboratories India’s website says the entity is one of the leading contract research organizations providing preclinical and safety Toxicology and chemical testing globally. “We maintain high quality standards and services and remain a leader in Contract Research Services internationally,” it says.

RCC complies with the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and is Certified by GLP monitoring authority of the Government of Switzerland. All studies are conducted at RCC in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the OECD, Schedule Y, EU, EPA, ICH, OPPTS, ISO etc.

RCC has developed the facilities and expertise to perform all aspects of health and environmental safety testing. We continue to develop new techniques in line with advances in regulatory thinking and requirements. The laboratories’ core capabilities are in:

Breeding & Selling of Good quality animals, Toxicology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microbiology, Pathology, Genetic Toxicology and Clinical Chemistry for Clinical Trial services

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