Beware of false ngtv

Falling hospital admissions - but dont lower the guard

Beware of false ngtv

Corona –ve does not give you license to roam free

Experience so far is that the virus thrives on crowded places and close contacts of people with no protection

NAVI MUMBAI: Even as the number of COVID cases are coming down, the authorities have warned against complacency among the people, particularly those who are testing negative.

Corona negative diagnosis does not give license to ignore all precautions and make merry, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned. The antigen or RT PCR test result depends on the contact that one has in the preceding week, said Dr Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, addressing a virtual global media conference. If one is diagnosed negative today, there is no guarantee that he won’t be tested positive tomorrow, he explained.

“True,” said  B N Kumar, director of award winning environment startup NatConnect Foundation. “I was tested negative one day and positive the next day,” he said and explained that he was admitted to the Dedicate COVID Heath Centre (DCHC) at Vashi.

“My family has learnt it the hard way that it is vital to break the virus chain by isolation,” Kumar, who launched ‘Corona Care’ campaign, said.

Experience so far is that the virus thrives on crowded places and close contacts of people with no protection, he said and pointed out that those who managed to break the COVID chain succeeded in containing the number of cases.

Vashi centre’s nodal officer Dr Vasant Mane said that under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner Abhijit Bangar all out efforts are being made to break the corona chain by testing, detecting, treating and isolating. The municipal corporation has been stressing on three key factors to keep the virus away: Face Mask, Hand Hygiene and Physical Distancing.

Civic sources said it is not yet time to lower the guard, though the number of fresh COVID cases is showing a decline and the percentage of recovered patients going home is on constant rise.

Neither negative test result nor recovery from COVID guarantee any future immunity, said Kumar quoting his study of the cases. “Doctors have advised us to do breathing exercise (Pranayam), have steam inhalation at least once a day till the virus is around and healthy food,” he added.

Meanwhile, sounding a cautionary note, Dr Tedros said: “We can keep our kids in school, we can keep businesses open, we can preserve lives and livelihoods. We can do it! But we must all make trade-offs, compromises and sacrifices.”

“For individuals, families and communities, that means staying at home and especially if you have been exposed to a case,” he said and pointed out:

“Furthermore, you continue to maintain physical distance, wearing a mask, cleaning your hands regularly, coughing away from others, avoiding crowds, or meeting friends and family outside.”

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