Hope, tax reliefs in store -Pure Storage

COVID year to Hope Year - Ramanujam +ve over Budget

Hope, tax reliefs in store -Pure Storage

Simpler compliances for ease of doing biz vital

We hope that the government will reaffirm its commitment to Digital India, says Ramanujam Komanduri in his budget wishlist.

MUMBAI, Jan 19 (The CONNECT) - With restrictions in place amidst the third wave of Covid, large enterprises as well as small businesses are seeing a dip in their business activities. Both corporates and taxpayers expect relief in the form of rebates in direct and indirect taxes in the upcoming budget, says Ramanujam Komanduri, Country Manager, India, Pure Storage.

“We also expect the introduction of simplified compliances to facilitate the ease of doing business,” he says and suggests that the Finance Ministry could also introduce special stimulus packages to the MSME sector which is vital for economic revival. There may also be a positive surprise in the form of a relaxation of GST regulation and relief for sectors that have particularly suffered during the pandemic.

The Government, to provide further impetus to business growth, could also introduce fiscal policy initiatives to build a strong digital infrastructure for MSMEs and enterprises, he opines.
“While India has one of the most dynamic technology ecosystems globally, we hope that the government will reaffirm its commitment to ‘Digital India’ through appropriate allocations and policies in this Union budget,” Ramanujam says.

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