Healthcare startups Maangay More, more, more!

Preet Pal and Archit - batting for healthtech startups

Healthcare startups Maangay More, more, more!

‘They helped fill system gaps in pandemic’

GST on Health insurance premiums must be removed, says Glamyo Health.

The pandemic has unravelled the gaps in the Indian healthcare system, says Archit Garg, Co-founder of Glamyo Health.

With the startups coming into the picture, however, new and innovative solutions have come up, he points out.

The way RBI treated NBFCs and fintech as its extended arms to penetrate deeper into the system, Indian government can consider healthcare startups as its aide to serve the common people in tier 2 and tier 3, thus strengthening the healthcare ecosystem in India, he says.

Besides, new programmes like Unified Health Interface shall further help in transparency and affordability in Health Treatments. “We expect a continued allocation towards healthcare startups, and financial support for better customer adoption,” Garg says.

"Healthcare, for obvious reasons,  is likely to be the sector of focus in this budget,” says Dr Preet Pal Thakur, Co-founder Glamyo Health

“As a Health tech startup focussed on elective surgeries, I personally would wish that the GST on Health insurance premiums be removed - a step which will accelerate the insurance penetration in masses and removing inequity in healthcare access,” he says.

Specifically for the start-up ecosystem, he requests the finance minister to tax the ESOPs only at the exercise. There is still some ambiguity. It will help start-ups like Glamyo Health to hire and retain good quality talent as we scale this year to 40 plus cities in India, he says.

About Glamyo

Founded in 2019, Glamyo Health is an asset-light healthcare Startup operating in the field of elective surgeries. Started by Archit Garg and Dr Preet Pal Thakur, Glamyo Health is providing its services in 250+ pin codes across 10 cities. The brand specializes in minimally invasive elective and cosmetic surgeries, including Laser proctology treatments, Laparoscopic surgeries, and Circumcision. Their team comprises 400+ highly qualified surgeons, 200+ specialized hospitals with advanced health care facilities. Glamyo Health has more than 30,000 satisfied patients across various disease categories.

The value propositions of Glamyo Health include complete price transparency, zero-cost financing options, and administrative support. It makes sure that the patient’s entire journey - from admission to discharge; even Insurance paperwork is completely hassle-free.

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