Good thought, Nirmala on mental healthcare

Good thought, Nirmala on mental healthcare

Will address the stigma, hopefully

Mental health has been a long-unspoken issue that has been given its due importance with the launch of National Tele Mental Health Programme.

Shashank Saini, Founder and CEO, Medpho: The announcement of the tele mental health sector is a wonderful move. It helps people access much-needed help, without being subject to the stigma that still surrounds mental health. Additionally, it also encourages the use of telehealth services and educates people further on potential access to quality healthcare, regardless of location.

Nakshi Satra, Founder, Inha Wellness: Mental Health being of utmost importance at this point post Covid Pandemic, the Tele-Mental Health Programme with 23 centres as per the Union Budget will prove to be a great path-breaking initiative for our country. There is a lot of emotional wellness required, a lot of suffering to heal to avert the same in the near future! 

As the need for mental health will tax very soon on the wellness industry, the tech support for the tele-mental health programme will become the fastest and scalable route for reach and impact. 

Dr. Karishma Kagodu, Plastic Surgeon, Owner, Dr. Karishma’s Aesthetics: The only thing all plastic surgeons in India have been fighting for is a drop in GST on plastic and  cosmetic surgeries. The new budget has almost no inclusions for the cosmetic surgery industry which is booming now more than ever. Indians now have more awareness on the latest cosmetic trends and procedures. We can cater to that successfully if there is a reduction in GST for cosmetic procedures, which will definitely help in increasing demand and ease the burden of plastic surgeons in India.

Prabhdeep Singh, Founder and CEO StanPlus: The upcoming launch of an open platform for the National Digital Health Ecosystem is exciting news for us. It will include digital registries of health providers and facilities, a unique health identity, and universal access to health facilities, all of which will aid us in saving lives by allowing us access to contextual health information in quick time, enabling faster and better medical response in emergencies.

Nimith Agarwal, CEO, DoctCo: The FM has presented a visionary budget for the healthcare sector. Mental health has been a long-unspoken issue that has been given its due importance with the launch of National Tele Mental Health Programme. The programme promises to benefit rural people from lower strata who cannot afford the necessary treatment, thereby reducing potential suicides and quashing the stigma around mental healthcare.

Supporting the healthtech startups, the National Digital Health Ecosystem will revolutionise the healthcare space, streamlining electronic medical records with the support of IoT driven platforms. It will also enable medical professionals with accurate and immediate availability of data, in times of emergencies. The initiatives proposed are steps in the right direction, putting Indian healthcare at par with western healthcare.

Zahara Kanchwalla, Co-founder & CEO, Rite KnowledgeLabs: The national tele-mental health programme announced by the FM in this year’s budget is a commendable move. Alongside economical needs, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of physical and mental well-being. It will help people prioritize mental health and reduce the stigma associated with it. Another key knowledge-based initiative launched by FM today is the creation of a digital ecosystem for skilling and livelihood creation. It will help channelise India’s demographic dividend for economic growth and prosperity. With the aim to skill, reskill and upskill citizens through online training, the open-source tech platform will help people find relevant jobs and opportunities.

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