Skincare products as Father’s Day gift

Skincare products as Father’s Day gift

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This Father’s Day, you can gift your dad skincare products

MUMBAI, June 15 (The CONNECT) - Just like us, our fathers also need good self-care and skin-pampering every day. As on most days, they step out of the house for work, they get little time to follow a skincare routine and give their skin the extra attention that it requires. This Father’s Day gift your dad skincare products that will keep their skin healthy & fresh without putting in a lot of time & effort.

Here are the products from Fixderm and FCL that you can definitely gift your dad this Father’s Day.

Shadow Sunscreen SPF 50+ Non Drying Cleanser + Cleovera Cream

Father dayShadow SPF 50+ Gel is a light-weight, oil-free formulation provides a broad-spectrum protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Fixderma Shadow SPF 50+ Gel is a light-weight sunscreen specially designed for the acne prone and sensitive skin. The opaque gel has been formulated with the most photostable sun protectors which is ideal for all weathers and suits all skin types. This oil-free formulation provides an excellent UV rays coverage for a longer duration of time.

Non Drying Cleanser is specially formulated moisturizing face wash for the dry, sensitive skin. Which do not cause any dryness after use. It cleanses, moisturises, and gently remove debris and impurities. It is a non-comedogenic formulation and maintain moisture of the skin.

Cleovera Cream is a unique protective cream with a combination of Aloe vera, RetiStar, Vitamin E, an ideal for replenishing & softening the skin. Cleovera cream is a natural skin-friendly cream that is useful in holding moisture. Soothes and helps in healing of dry skin, rashes, chapping, chafing, burning.

Priced at Rs. 940-

FCL Active Radiance Complex For Men + FCL Light Weight Non-Greasy Broad Spectrum SPF 80 Lotion

Active Radiance complex for men and SPF 80FCL Active Radiance Complex For Men: A powerful, innovative formulation   with blend of plant extracts, antioxidants and skin smoothening ingredients exclusively designed to treat male skin. The actives are infused in a quickly absorbing delivery system to create intense bright and even results. To offer the best stability, the formulation is packed in the most compatible imported dispenser which keeps it in an airless environment and stable at a wide range of temperature.

FCL Light Weight Non-Greasy Broad Spectrum SPF 80 Lotion

FCL lightweight non-greasy broad spectrum SPF 80 lotion increases skin defense and resistance to UV light, blue light, infra-red light and high energy visible light.

Priced at Rs. 2925/-

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