Postcard From Paradise

Postcard From Paradise

Luxurious Villas @Kaudia Estate in Garhwal Pine Forest

Jaw-dropping private villas @Kaudia Estate against the backdrop of the magnificent Himalayas

As the pandemic has begun to wind down across the world many people are looking for an escape from primary residences, which start to feel all too familiar after long periods of lockdowns. Luxurious private villas available to rent as short-term second home are becoming a hot favourite amongst the discerning and affluent vacation-goers. Star hotels are nice. But a luxurious home all to oneself is even better and fast emerging as the hottest luxury travel trend for 2023.

Kaudia Estate located within a dense pine forest in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas with unobstructed, stunning views of the mighty peaks across a 180-degree horizon is the ultimate travel fantasy: to call home, if only for sometime, a to-die-for house in a spectacular setting.

A comfortable, three-hour drive from the Dehradun airport, this property is an easy to approach, quiet, undiscovered, private estate that gives full freedom to create an intensely personal holiday experience.  One can customise the stay for complete privacy and peace in a postcard-from-paradise setting. Or turn it into an adventure and activity filled getaway with unique treks, picnics and hikes up the hills.

These gorgeous villas, set against snow-capped mountains in the far distance can be the perfect romantic getaway, a joyous family vacation setting, or a celebrity hideout with breakfast on the terrace, sundowners on the patios and barbeque under the stars!

There are three identical villas, with charming and distinctive interiors. Each villa comes quipped with three en-suite bedrooms, a lounge, a dining area, living area and private lawns.

“Kaudia Estate originated as a dream for a super luxury holiday home in the hills for three friends during a golf game. My friends and I spent a couple of years traveling in the hills to identify a location that was nestled in the forest with a clear view of the majestic Himalayan range and then several more years to build the cottages and the supporting infrastructure. Now, in addition to its secluded location and majestic views, the property provides peace and serenity that immerses the guests in a lap of luxury," says Arvind Srivastava, the Co-founder.

Each time of the year is a unique opportunity to experience life in the mountains. Winter is the time to enjoy the crisp, cold air and tuck into the comfort of the warm living spaces with crackling fires in a deep-set fireplace. A perfect environment for cosy conversations with friends and family, making indelible memories: conversations, playing board games, reading, stargazing and planning hot meal menus home-cooked by the ever smiling staff.  As winter thickens some deep snowfall can come in as a treat, allowing for stomping around in ankle length boots, snowball fights, and building a snowman.

Says Avnish Dimri, General Manager - Kaudia Estate "Food is a gastronomical experience at Kaudia with authentic Pahari cuisine as a specialty. We take pride in our curation of an extensive and customizable menu with a 'farm to table" approach. We source organic produce from our vegetable garden as well as local farms and markets around the Estate".

Kaudia Estate places a stronger emphasis on wellness, independence, and privacy.


Arvind Srivastava, Co-founder

With over 30 years of experience in varied industries, Mr. Srivastava has worked extensively in the USA and Asia Pacific region (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, and India). His experience includes financial services, telecommunications & technology, management consulting, and Business Process Management. Furthermore, he has been extensively involved in India's start-up ecosystem and invested in various technology startups.

Mr Srivastava cofounded ThirdRock Capital Partners (based in the USA) in 2007 and raised commitments for a USD 100 million private equity fund to provide growth capital to Indian companies.

In 2010, Mr. Srivastava became involved in India's rapidly growing startup ecosystem. In addition to investing in various technology startups, he is a member of the India Angel Network (IAN).

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