Now Upmarket Toys From Les Petits

Music Parade PLay Mat @ Rs 12,900

Now Upmarket Toys From Les Petits

To Unlock Kids’ Integrated Development

The new category from Les Petits entails an extensive range of art, craft and games.

NEW DELHI, June 7 (The CONNECT) – Children’s luxury brand Les Petits, has forayed into toy section to provide children to unlock their integrated development with the help of recreational activities.

The new category entails an extensive range of art, craft, and games for unleashing the creative and cognitive skills of children right from their formative years.

For this, Les Petits is bringing out brings premium products from international and national brands such as Janod, Leblon, Kid Made Modern, Dwinguler, Doodle Hog, Play Shifu, and Jar Melo. The list includes riveting toys, art, and craft products, and figurines to pique the interest of the children.

In addition to this, there are some breakthrough games that are based on AR and XR experiences for encouraging STEM skills and immersive learning experiences. Taking this a step further, Les Petits has recently added a talking pen and sound playmat to its already extensive list of offerings from the house of Dwinguler with the unique concept of the pen naming the characters when placed on a particular character on the mat.   

Swati Saraf, President, Les Petits said, the toy section leverages the various requirements of the kids in a single place as the brand was born out of the desire to reduce the hassles of the parents.

The company website shows that the prices of the toys range from Rs 10,700 to Rs 27,500.

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