goSTOPS Launches 2 More Stops For Backpackers

goSTOPS Goa Vagator

goSTOPS Launches 2 More Stops For Backpackers

goSTOPS Launches 2 More Stops For Backpackers

We’ll be extending the spirit of adventure and wonder that we’ve seen across the country to our patrons at the new Bir and Goa properties, goSTOPS said.

NEW DELHI, Oct 28 (The CONNECT) – goSTOPS, India’s largest backpackers hostel brand, has launched stellar properties at two of the most sought-after locations in India. goSTOPS Goa Vagator is the chain’s biggest property yet, while the centrally-located goSTOPS Bir Landing Site brings travellers much closer to the skies. Both hostels have been opened for adventure-loving travellers with a lot of indoor and outdoor travel experiences.

The travel community in our country has always been very diverse in terms of its choices and travel preferences. The Millennials and Gen Zs have added to it by constantly searching for and exploring offbeat, unknown destinations that offer unique experiences.

goSTOPS Goa Vagator: The pristine natural beaches, clear blue skies, lush green palm trees, exciting adventure activities, and full-on party vibes of Vagator have made the new hostel in North Goa a go-to property among travel enthusiasts.

The property comprises 8 private rooms and 144 dorms beds, making it the largest goSTOPS hostel (in terms of number of beds). Strategically located near the party hotspots of Goa, goSTOPS Goa Vagator is just 1.5 km from Vagator Beach, 2.3 km from Anjuna Beach, and 1.7 km from Ozran Beach.

Pankaj Parwanda, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of goSTOPS, said, “When we started thinking of places that we wanted to expand further, Bir and Goa immediately stood out. Bir has an inherent quality of making every visitor feel adventurous while they explore something entirely new, and that is a virtue, we at goSTOPS, hold close to our hearts. At the same time, Goa always tops the wishlist of every traveler in our country for its natural blend of both domestic and international vibes in and around the state.

It has a sprawling common area with two indoor and one outdoor space. It also has plenty of fun entertainment options like the café, swimming pool, foosball, and pool table.

Watching the world from a bird’s-eye view in India’s paragliding capital is truly a unique experience. When staying at the new property in Bir, travellers also get to enjoy marshmallows around a fire while watching paragliders fill color in the sky.

goSTOPS Bir offers a spacious dormitory with 42 beds and 5 private rooms with vibrant interiors. Like other goSTOPS properties, this new hostel is conveniently located and is only 900 meters away from the local bus depot. With the paragliding site barely 1.5 km away, hostel guests get a pretty spectacular view of the hilltop as well as the paragliders flying over it.

Located in the Joginder Nagar Valley, Himachal Pradesh, goSTOPS Bir allows you to easily access nearby cafés and all other local outdoor attractions. At the hostel, visitors can socialize with each other over various fun and recreational amenities like pool tables and indoor games. They can also enjoy the barbeque and swings outside.

The hostel is strategically located near the cafes and other major tourist attractions of Bir, making it the perfect place for backpackers who wish to explore much more than just paragliding in Bir.

Parwanda said Vagator Beach is the most photographed beach for its breathtaking natural beauty. These qualities of Bir and Goa, along with the amazing folklore, monuments, and architecture they house, add to the goLOCAL experiences that our brand offers. This is an initiative that works toward carving out experiences that are authentic and intrinsic to the locations. We are hopeful that we’ll be extending the spirit of adventure and wonder that we’ve seen across the country to our patrons at the new Bir and Goa properties”.

Both properties have idyllic amphitheater-style outdoor garden seating areas, where guests can bond with fellow travellers, and share their personal experiences. They also have workation facilities with free WiFi. For travellers who wish to experience Bir and Goa beyond the quintessential activities like paragliding, indoor games, and basking on sunny beaches, there are plenty of pulsating activities to indulge in.

goSTOPS is India’s fastest-growing backpacker hostel brand co-founded by Pallavi Agarwal and PankajParwanda in 2014. The company today has a geographical footprint in some of the major tourist spots in the country. goSTOPS has hosted more than 5,00,000 travellers across its 32 properties with 3000+ beds. The audience is typically between 18 to 30 years and comprises a cross-section of solo travellers, group travellers, backpackers, digital nomads, and individuals seeking interesting stay or work-from-hostel options. It is a full-stack operator brand that leases and transforms budget hotels and operates them as backpacker hostels. goSTOPS’ aim is to focus on the cultural revolution catering to Gen-Z and create an accommodation brand they can call their own.

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