Funskool Launches Skill, Engaging Products

Funskool Launches Skill, Engaging Products

Child’s Preferred Education Partner

Apart from a new range of toys, Funskool introduced Baby Bath Support and Orbital Bath Seat, R Jeswant, CEO, Funskool India Ltd, said

MUMBAI, Sep 24 (The CONNECT) - Toy brand Funskool India Limited has added 10 vibrant products to its exhaustive range to keep up with the growing needs of the younger generation, and to meet the expectations of new-age parents. These new products will complement the healthy growth and development of children and is being introduced under Funskool’s home-grown brands – Giggles, Fundough and Play & Learn, Funskool said in a statement.

R Jeswant, CEO, Funskool India Ltd, said the company introduced Baby Bath Support and Orbital Bath Seat which have been designed to make bath time a joyful and safe experience for babies. “Funskool is certainly your child’s preferred education partner - India Map Puzzle and Science Kit Senior prove that beyond doubt,” he said.

The newly launched products are:

Ever Links features 13 links in 6 vibrant colours which not only captivate young minds but also promotes essential development skills. From enhancing hand-eye co-ordination and colour recognition to fostering counting abilities, Ever Links offers a multifaceted learning experience suitable for children above 12 months, is priced at Rs 249.    

My Pet Billy is an adorable pull-along cat toy designed for toddlers aged above 18 months. It captures children’s attention and keeps them engaged. Priced at Rs 849, it helps develop essential motor skills, stimulates senses, encourages curiosity, and improves social skills.  

Fundough XL Pack is apt for children above 3 years. The set has 24 tubs of dough in an array of vibrant colours. This wonderful product which promises endless fun and imagination is priced at Rs 499.

Stack a Rocket is a product suitable for children above 6 months and is priced Rs 249. This colourful and engaging toy for children has 6 rings with different sensory textures. This stackable, colourful, safe, non-toxic, easy to hold and engaging toy is best for small hands, aids visual development and enhances cognitive and motor skills as children arrange the rings by size. It also promotes creativity and logical thinking. 

Science kit senior is a force and motion DIY kit apt for children above 7 years. Priced at Rs 499, this unique kit enables children to learn theoretical concepts through practical applications. There are 4 different activities which are made possible due to gravity, inertia, friction and more.  Children can learn how gravity affects the distance the truck travels, learn how potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, learn about different types of energy, and learn target practice using a paper ball.

India Map 48-piece puzzle is suitable for children above 4 years. Priced at Rs 499, this puzzle will aid children to make a big map of India. Not only will children learn to put together the India map by piecing together large-sized jigsaw fragments, they will also learn about some famous things and places in each State of India through pictures.

Orbital Bath Seat is ideal for children between 5 and 10 months. Priced at Rs 999, orbital bath seat will allow the child to sit comfortably, safe, and secure during bath. The features include 360 degrees fully rotational seat for easy play, quick release arm rest for easy access, powerful suction pads to stay in place on smooth surfaces during bath and internal access for hygienic cleaning. It is available in 4 colours.

Baby Bath Support is best for children between 0 and 6 months. Priced at Rs 549, this comfortable and secure cradle-like design will ensure a stress-free and relaxing bathing experience. Its ergonomic and stable construction gives maximum safety, is lightweight and portable for on-the-go use. It is available in 4 colours.

Super Doc Playset is a 9-piece deluxe doctor kit with bag which includes a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, thermometer gun, syringe, tablet container, name tag and prescription pad for a perfect role-play for kids. It is perfect for imaginative role play, encourages creativity and empathy. Priced at Rs 1249, this super doc playset is sure to keep the child entertained.

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