Friendship Day Fragrance

Friendship Day Fragrance

Offerings From ITC Engage -A Perfect Gifting Option

Friendship Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate and value the wonderful ties we create outside of the family.

To make this celebration even more delightful, finding the perfect gift for our friends has become effortless with the recently launched EDP range of ITC Engage. These perfumes are long-lasting gifting option and the scintillating fragrances in this collection are expertly crafted to provide a gentle and refreshing sensory experience, making them an ideal gift to show your appreciation for all that your friend does.

Product details:

ITC Engage known for playful chemistry and romance has brought alive a day and night EDP variant fragrances.

  1. Engage Verona for Women is a classic day fragrance with a concoction of citrusy, fruity, and floral notes. The addictive musk and nutmeg notes infused with sandalwood make it playful and fresh. The brand also offers a memorable night fragrance for women.

Available at Nykaa (Engage Verona for Women | Day) and Amazon (Engage Verona for Women | Day at INR 599/- for 100ml.

  1. Engage Fantasia, that has been inspired by the dynamic characteristics of women.  The citrusy, floral, and spicy notes mixed with tonka beans and vanilla are perfect for those special date nights when you want to look and feel astounding.

Available at Nykaa (Engage Fantasia for Women | Nightand Amazon (Engage Fantasia for Women | Night at INR 599/- for 100ml

  1. Engage Indigo Skies for men is a bright and energizing day fragrance enveloping the grand fusion of aromatic lavender and rich earthy woody notes. The sparkling diffusion of bergamot and spices makes it a crisp, fresh, and uplifting addition to the morning routine.

Available at Nykaa (Engage Indigo Skies for Men | Day) Amazon (Engage Indigo Skies for Men | Day) at INR 599/- for 100ml.

  1. If you are looking for something swoon-worthy, Engage Amber Hues is the right pick. It’s fruity and ambary notes make it a provocative, warm, and oriental fragrance for the night. Think of it like a dinner jacket that will never go out of style.

Available at Nykaa (Engage Amber Hues for Men | Night) and Amazon (Engage Amber Hues for Men | Night) at INR 599/- for 100ml.

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