Ace(r) Tablet Duo Hits Market

Ace(r) Tablet Duo Hits Market

Acer One 8 & Acer One 10 For 'Seamless Productivity'

Designed to meet the demands of modern users, the two tablets deliver exceptional performance, Acer said.

HYDERABAD, Aug 23 (The CONNECT) – Tech brand Acer has launched two new tablets in India, The Acer One 8 and the Acer One 10, both powered by the robust Mediatek MT8768 Octa-Core Processor.

These tablets offer a perfect combination of performance, portability, and functionality, catering to the needs of today's users, the company said.

The tablets feature sleek and lightweight designs, ensuring easy portability and comfortable usage. The Acer One 8 sports a compact 8.7-inch WXGA+ IPS screen, while the Acer One 10 boasts a larger 10.1-inch WUXGA IPS Incell Panel Technology display, providing vibrant visuals and an immersive viewing experience. Operating on the Android 12.0 system, these tablets offer a seamless and user-friendly interface, allowing effortless navigation through apps and content. Users can expect swift and efficient performance for web browsing, media streaming, and productive tasks.

These tablets aim to empower users with seamless productivity and immersive entertainment experiences while on the move. They feature powerful processors, ample storage, and vibrant displays, striking a perfect balance between functionality and portabilitysaid Sudhir Goel, Chief Business Officer at Acer India. 

Both the Acer One 8 and Acer One 10 provide ample storage space for apps, files, and media. The Acer One 8 offers 3 GB LPDDR4 RAM (Optional 4GB) and 32GB of flash memory (Optional 64GB). On the other hand, the Acer One 10 offers 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM (Optional 6GB) and 64GB of flash memory (Optional 128GB). Additionally, both tablets support expandable storage of up to 1TB through a micro-SD card, ensuring convenient storage and accessibility of apps, files, photos, and media.

The tablets incorporate 4G (SIM), WIFI, Bluetooth 5.0, the latest technology, enabling fast and reliable wireless connections for smooth internet browsing and quick data transfer. They also come with GPS capabilities for accurate navigation and location-based services.

The Acer One 8 is equipped with a 2 MP fixed-focus front camera and an 8 MP rear camera, while the Acer One 10 features a 5 MP fixed-focus front camera and a 13 MP dual rear camera with a Sony IMX Sensor. The rear camera offers digital zoom and auto-focus capabilities.

Designed to meet the demands of modern users, whether for work or entertainment, the Acer One 8 and Acer One 10 deliver exceptional performance, versatile features, and stylish designs. These tablets offer a comprehensive solution for users seeking productivity and entertainment while on the move.

"Whether you're a professional aiming to stay productive or a multimedia enthusiast seeking an engaging content consumption experience, these tablets are designed to exceed your expectations. We are confident that the Acer One 8 and Acer One 10 will become the preferred devices for users seeking an exceptional tablet experience," Goel said.


Acer One 8 and One 10 tablets, starts at Rs. 12990 and 17990 respectively. There are available in all Acer Exclusive Stores and E-stores.

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