Wonders are new normal for this Sec’bad School

From Eye Yoga to Cyber Security, St Peter’s kids embrace virtual classes

“We have been challenging the challenges and pushing ourselves hard to produce some nice digital learning experience for our kids”, Dr.Suvarna Kuppa, Principal, St.Peter's High School said.


Hyderabad, Aug 12, 2020 (BNC Network):  As online has now become a mainline education during the current lockdown phase, students from a Hyderabad school are doing wonders in the new normal. 

They competed in some global virtual contests, emerged victorious and won prizes? Under these testing times students produced a nukkad naatak, virtually, following all the government restrictions, on Corona Safety from the comfort of their homes. 

These and many possibilities were made possible by the city's St. Peter's High School at Bowenpally, Secunderabad.

“Amidst hue and cry about online education and problems associated with it, we made digital learning during these troubled times a very joyful, fun and happy learning experience for our children,” said Dr.Suvarna Kuppa, Principal, St.Peter's High School. “We have learnt how to learn and teaching classes to make this a memorable experience. We have been challenging the challenges and pushing ourselves hard to produce some nice digital learning experience for our kids,” she said.

Some of the initiatives include Eye Yoga to help reduce eye strains, Virtual Music, to reduce stress;  Cyber Security to educate students to use Internet safely, Higher-order thinking skills and many others.

“The digitally-strained eyes of  young children get lot of relief from Eye Yoga which is our very unique initiative in this new normal,” said Dr Suvarna. It is the set of specific exercises that engage all of the ocular muscles that support eye movement. These exercises help improve the flexibility in these muscles and help students focus better. Common eye yoga exercises include: deliberately and repeatedly looking up and down, then left and right etc. The school even celebrated International Yoga online, Dr. Suvarna explained.

The school students wowed school, parents, and the international community with their skills

In these pandemic times, our students have exhibited skills in multiple platforms across the globe and won laurels. Undeterred by the adverse environment, they showcased their best talent and proved that nobody nor any situation can stop a determined person. Dr. Suvarna explains. 

Prakalya, Grade 4 participated in ISRO's Cyberspace Competition and presented a model of SLV. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has organised 'ISRO Cyberspace Competitions 2020' (ICC -2020) to nurture the young minds

Niharika , Grade 9 won the best delegate award in UNEP(United Nations Environment Programme) as a delegate of Belgium with a cash prize of 3000 in a national inter-school MUN (Model United Nations) conference where the judging panel consisted of Editors of TOI and Hindu newspapers. She was asked to draft resolutions and also speak on topics ranging from environmental issues to COVID 19 crisis in the moderated caucus. NHSMUN is the world's largest and most prestigious Model UN conference for secondary school students.

Uditi , Grade 10 won special appreciation for her position paper as a delegate of UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) while Ms. Anusha from Grade 7 won laurels for her online presence as a delegate.

Another important aspect was sensitising children about cyber security. Now, with lessons shifting online, schools are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Keeping this in mind we have adequately educated our children and their parents too were about the same.


To avoid fatigue and pressure learning, the online classes are placed so well that there is a long break between the sessions so that children can cope up.  

To top these ... students have come up with a novel idea. A team of 8th graders has scripted and created a nukkad naatak in Hindi to educate public on CORONA PANDEMIC. The beauty of the activity lies in the fact that no two performers practised together. Maintaining social distancing norms, the practice and recording were done completely online.

The school gone many steps ahead by giving alternative assignments to challenge students' HOTS'(Higher-order thinking skills) HOTS is a concept popular in the West, more so in American education. HOTS include synthesizing, analyzing, reasoning, comprehending, application.

Some of these HOTS assignments include, Demonstrations, Debates; 1-minute presentations; Group Discussions; Open Book questions; Solve crossword puzzles; Participate in Online quizzes; Construct Model/ Device related to concept learnt; Discus some questions posed by a mentor or any query raised by any student; Write slogans / create any poem on the concept learnt; Create games on the concept learnt; Activity Based Questions; Open Book questions

The School gives a lot of importance in inculcating Effective Questioning by students. Questioning makes students involve more, becomes interactive, and develops listening skills among many. 

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