Ho! Ho...Mask Le Lo!

This Santa wishes Merry Mask

Realtor SDPL camiagn 'Because We Care'

MUMBAI, Dec 26 (BNC Network) - Whoa, it’s Christmas time and Santa Claus is back in town!! With carols filling the air and bright lights everywhere, Santa Claus is here to make sure you are merry and healthy going into the New Year. This year, Santa Claus has arrived to make you socially aware, giving you tips for what needs to be done to stay healthy amid this deadly virus. Santa Claus was seen distributing masks and sanitizers to people in the city to keep them safe from Covid-19. The campaign ‘BECAUSE WE CARE’ was organized by Group Satellite, one of the oldest real estate developers in Mumbai.
Abhishek Jain – Chief Operating Officer, SDPL said, “Every year Santa brings good fortune and gifts along with him. This year Santa has marked his arrival ensuring that each one of us stays safe and healthy. While it’s natural you want to be with your loved ones in person, ensuring they are as protected as possible from Covid-19 which may be the greatest gift you can give this year.”
“Due to Covid-19, everyone especially millennials are investing in their health like never-before-seen and making lifestyle choices that prioritize mental and physical health. Keeping this in mind, we organized this campaign so that people stay rooted to the festivals as well as they keep themselves as well as their families safe and healthy,” Jain added.

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